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Harmonizing Trips: Syncing Music with the Psychedelic Journey

June 11 @ 6:00 pm 7:15 pm Pacific Time

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Have you ever wondered why music feels like magic during a psychedelic experience? Join us as we dive into the rhythmic heart of psychedelic healing and discover how beats and melodies weave through our consciousness during these profound journeys.

What’s on the Playlist?

  • Explore the Beat: Learn how ancient rituals and modern therapy harness the power of music.
  • Tech Tunes: Get hands-on with the latest apps and tools designed to orchestrate your psychedelic experiences.
  • Deep Dives and Discussions: Engage in enlightening talks on how music shapes and is shaped by psychedelic states.

“The unsung hero of the psychedelic experience is music because research has consistently shown that the nature of the musical experience is more important than the intensity of the drug.” – Zoe Cormier.

Come for the discussion, and stay for the vibes. Let’s explore how the right playlist can transform your mind space and enhance your journey toward self-discovery.

Facilitator Bio:
From a young age, Patty has loved listening to music and thinking critically about its meaning and impact, participating in concert and marching bands throughout her education and exploring its potential as a gateway to healing and higher states of consciousness.

She thrives in analytical discussions about various music genres, artists, and performances and is committed to connecting with others who share her enthusiasm for the profound impacts of music.


Our group exists to provide education and harm reduction and foster a supportive, heart-centered community. Our group does not offer medical advice, therapy, or psychedelic substances. Also, our events do not condone or facilitate the taking of illegal drugs.