-Ram Dass

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Explore Psychedelic Healing Arts Monthly

Join us for a series of enlightening monthly events focused on the healing potential of psychedelics. Our sessions, led by seasoned professionals in psychedelic therapy, offer a blend of in-depth knowledge and hands-on expertise.

Diverse Topics and Interactive Sessions

We cover a wide array of topics, from historical uses of psychedelics to modern scientific insights. Each event not only informs but also invites lively discussions and community engagement. This is your chance to ask questions, share experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Safe and Informed Practices

We emphasize safety and ethics in the use of psychedelic substances, ensuring a responsible and informed approach to this evolving field.

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Whether you’re new to psychedelics or have explored them before, our events provide a welcoming space for learning and connection. Come, be a part of this journey into the depths of healing and consciousness expansion.

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