– Ram Dass

Welcome to Our Mission

Our mission is straightforward yet profound: At the heart of our mission lies a deep dedication to the transformative power of psychedelics, a commitment to creating a nurturing space for kindred spirits, and a genuine belief in the potential for profound healing and spiritual growth.

Our Psychedelic Advocacy is a community where people who share a common interest in transformative psychedelic medicines can come together to share their knowledge and personal experiences freely. This community operates within the legal boundaries and with the best intentions. It provides a safe space for individuals to connect and learn from each other.

In Community, We Heal

We firmly believe that the power of community is a catalyst for healing. We believe that it is within this very community that we find the strength and support to heal.

Coming together, we transcend isolation and tap into a wellspring of shared wisdom and compassion. Within this collective tapestry, we weave threads of understanding and unwavering support for one another. Our shared experiences form the foundation for building a brighter, more empathetic future.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us as we transform the vision of our Psychedelic Advocacy Network into a genuine community of caregivers.

Join Our Community

Join us on a journey to make a positive difference in the world. Together, let us contribute our time, talents, and resources to support others in their quest for learning and healing. Our collective effort forms a tapestry of compassion and wisdom where each unique contribution strengthens the fabric of our advocacy. Let us light the path toward profound transformation and growth and create a brighter, more compassionate world.

Many Blessings!
Pamela Wood & Henry Passot

Let’s come together and work towards holistic growth to achieve our collective goals.

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