– Ram Dass

Our Story

Uniting for Healing, Spirituality, and Purposeful Living.

We had a bit of a fairytale start… meeting over thirty-five years ago at a spiritual retreat center tucked away in the wintry embrace of Wisconsin’s woods – a chilly January with chilly wood-heated hermitages that make us shiver just thinking about it.

For over a decade, our spiritual quests had been dancing around each other, leading us to the same places. Yet, they never bumped into each other until that moment. It’s one of those ‘universe works in mysterious ways’ stories – the kind where timing and place align just perfectly.

Through the whirlwind of life, with its endless professional and personal commitments, we’ve always clung to one thing: our shared dedication to healing and growing spiritually. It’s our own anchor in the storm. We often find ourselves marveling at how fate seemed to have a hand in bringing us together and how, even now, it feels like there’s some kind of divine choreography at play, gracefully guiding each new chapter of our lives.

So here we are, still journeying side by side, filled with gratitude for this path we’ve been walking together. It’s been wild and extraordinary, and now, a new chapter with the network. We hope you will join us.

Many Blessings!
Pamela Wood & Henry Passot

Let’s come together and work towards holistic growth to achieve our collective goals.

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