Women Empowering Women.

There’s unparalleled strength in women coming
together. A New Era of Women in the
Psychedelic Space.

Women’s Integration Circle

Reclaim your power and wisdom.
By joining our women’s psychedelic integration group, you are exploring your consciousness and revolutionizing how you reclaim your power and wisdom. You become a part of a community that celebrates the unique power that emerges when women unite, helping each other to break free from the internalized beliefs and values that a patriarchal society imposes on us.

Our core values are as follows…

1. Cultivating a Safe, Empowering Space:
Our group is a haven where the traditional patriarchal narratives are dismantled. In this safe and supportive environment, you can freely explore and express your true self, unburdened by societal expectations and gender roles. This is a space where your voice is heard and deeply valued.

2. Embracing Collective Wisdom:
As women, we have been conditioned to compete and conform to patriarchal standards. In our group, we break these chains. We learn from each other’s experiences, recognizing the unique insights from our shared struggles and triumphs over societal constraints. This collective wisdom is a powerful tool against patriarchal conditioning.

3. Building Empowerment Through Sisterhood:
Solidarity in our group is our strength. Here, we forge connections rooted in mutual respect and understanding, far from the patriarchal approach of dominance and hierarchy. Together, we empower each other to challenge and overcome the internalized self-limiting beliefs that have held us back.

4. Holistic Healing and Reclamation: Our journey is about more than psychedelic integration; it’s also about healing from the wounds caused by a patriarchal society. We prioritize holistic healing and recognize how these wounds have affected our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. As a community, we work together to heal and reclaim our innate power.

5. Advocacy for Inclusive Change: As a group, we are both healing individually and advocating for a societal shift. We educate and bring awareness to the unique challenges and strengths of women’s psychedelic experiences, pushing for a more inclusive and egalitarian world.

There’s unparalleled strength in women coming together. This group is more than a meeting of minds; it’s a union of souls seeking to empower each other. Through shared experiences and mutual support, we find the strength to confront societal challenges, heal from our traumas, and reclaim our power… paving the way for a future where the wisdom and power of women are at the forefront of societal transformation.

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