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Reading Event… “The Stormy Search for the Self” Christina and Stan Grof MD.

July 2 @ 6:00 pm 7:15 pm Pacific Time

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Please join us to explore spiritual emergencies and spiritual emergence through the writing of Christina Grof and Stanislav Grof, MD, of which psychedelic use can activate.

Excerpts from the book The Stormy Search for the Self (Available here in PDF.) are offered for you to digest. We will present a two-part exploration of Chapters 1-4, with the first gathering taking place Tuesday, July 2, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.

The chapters we will be highlighting in the first session are:

  • Chapter 1: What is Spiritual Emergency?
  • Chapter 2: The Dark Night of the Soul

The second session will take a deeper dive into these chapters:

  • Chapter 3: Encountering the Divine
  • Chapter 4: Varieties of a Spiritual Emergency

The content is rich in thoughtful observations generated from the people the Grofs’ have helped over the years with transpersonal experiential understanding. The Grofs note that cultures over time have accepted spiritual emergencies as part of the spiritual growth process, while the current Western medical model all too easily treats those spiritual emergencies as evidence of pathology.

The Grofs encourage full experiencing of spiritual emergencies instead of interrupting them with Western medical treatment designed to address “psychosis.”

We believe that the consideration of “spiritual emergency” can provide a valuable way of understanding our tumultuous experiences during and following journeys. In the most general terms, spiritual emergence can be defined as the movement of an individual to a more expanded way of being that involves enhanced emotional and psychosomatic health, greater freedom of personal choices, and a sense of deeper connection with other people, nature, and the cosmos. Spiritual emergencies are strenuous events that can include encountering deeply upsetting material, exhilarating experiences, or a combination of both.

We hope and expect that this gathering will provide each of us with the opportunity to connect with others and discuss spiritual emergencies we have experienced and the deeply meaningful changes that have resulted from them.

Co-hosted by Taimie Bryant and Michael Powell.


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